Cabin 3

Aerial view of where Gold Pines Camps' cabins are located

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Cabin 3

Cabin 3 is our largest cabin. It is equipped with 13 separate beds situated in 6 sleeping areas. There are three bedrooms with doors, one housing two single beds, the others each containing a queensized bed. This cabin is capable of sleeping up to 16 people. Cabin 3 has a dinning area that boasts a seven foot round, tiled table that is sure to fit your group. It has a spacious kitchen, and two, four piece bathrooms. This cabin is also equipped with two refrigerators and an apartment-sized freezer. Cabin 3 also has one of our largest screened in porches.

Note: this cabin will be billed at a minimum 6 person occupancy rate, if the group has less than 6 people.

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Cabin 3 Exterior Large Porch Aspect Ratio 720 376